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-Erin Simonetti
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Bead Loomed Snowman Porn Cuff=

"Snowman Porn!"
Bead Gallery Art
Ah, a title that emerged after the piece was developed, hanging on the warps!
I wanted to create a pattern, offering a full shot of a snowman, on a 'thin vs long' cuff. How else to do so, but than to lay the Snowman on it's side. Thus, the name evolved!
Adding a tilted hat and a sassy flowing scarf, was something this design requested.

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The edgings are Swarovski Crystal AB and 8/0 Permanent Silver Glass Beads. The additional accents, 11/0 Gold Glass Beads, bring out the colors of the carrot.....nose :D

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During one of my classes, Susan Elliott gifted me this gorgeous sterling silver clasp. Susan shares a wonderful Blog, "Plays With Needles".She shares so much, about every form of needle art. I am excited to see more, of how she creates, on the warps.
Attachment of the clasp, included 3mm Swarovski Pearls.

Bead Gallery Art

Bead Gallery Art

Bead Loomed Cuff

"Snowy Cabin Cuff"
Bead Gallery Art
I designed this cuff hoping to create an entire Snow scene.
It includes a cozy cabin, with flickering fire light, in each of the windows. The snow is a light blue, reflecting the dark midnight sky and there are stars twinkling, which also get closer together
as the perspective get further, between the valley.
The base, or lower border, is full of snowmen and pine trees!

Bead Loomed Snow Cuff

Laid out, it is easier to see how the story unfolds. Each Snowman is created using 'Crystal Dust Beads'. They are so small, their hat brims are 3mm black rings.
The top, of their hats, are 11/0 black seed beads.

Bead Loomed Snow Cabin Cuff

The Snowmen and Pine Trees 'lifted' the design, off of the loom woven plain. This forced my design to be edged with a similar 'lift'. The upper and lower edge, of this border, now creates a 'channel effect', supporting the 3D accents.
This lower border would actually make a perfect cuff, on it's own!

Erin Simonetti Snow Cabin Cuff

The clasps are spaced to accommodate this wide cuff.
When worn, it resembles wearing two cuffs, at one time!
These filigree clasps were colored to match the blues, in this design.

Bead Gallery Art

Bead Gallery Art

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Building Snowmen, on the Warps!
Bead Gallery Art
I have been teaching at BEAD SOUP, in Savage Maryland, for almost a year now.
The next class, "Snowman Trio", is being held Saturday January 18 and January 25, 2014.
We will be building this snowman cuff together!
Bead Gallery Art

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For those students, who have taken many of my scheduled classes, I am offering a more advanced version. This cuff tells an entire story, including the scenic view of the snow landscape, with pine trees and hills.
Such a cold cuff, must be edge with icicles!

Bead Gallery Art
Be sure to visit myFaceBook Page, as I seem to be weaving beads faster than I knew!
Feel free to interact and discuss my planning, before I post anything to my Website.

Bead Gallery Art

I create the patterns using various methods. Free-hand, bead pattern programs or graphed directly, on top of a design idea.
I do not offer any kits or patterns, of my designs.

Bead Gallery Art
One suggestion I'd like to share is to consider,

If you feel you are getting 'bored', with that medium, realize it, because this is the
"stage where you will attempt new and different ideas!"

Bead Gallery Art

I prefer the 'looming' technique, as opposed to any other type of bead weaving.
There is so much more to conquer, with this style of weaving,
so I will continue to challenge myself with the 'three dimensional' beaded jewelry,
but also include 'graphing' a '3-D' picture, in 2-D!

Please contact me,
regarding all art pieces, shared on my website.

Beaded Fashion Designs
Beaded Fashion Designs

If you have any questions about my beadwork art, e-mail Me!!
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